Clinton Foundation: A Decade of Difference

His Funkness has just been invited to “A Decade of Difference”: President Clinton’s 65th Birthday Gala and a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, featuring an all-star lineup of the most influential and socially responsible artists in music, film, and television. I found a new Clinton video to go with it.

“I’ve found everywhere in the world that if everyone has a decent job and a liveable income, half the problems just go away. People take care of their own problems. I hope in the decade to come, we’ll be able to do some more things to empower people economically.”

These (again) are the words of President Clinton. The video captures William Clinton as he looks back over his foundation’s ten-year history, and looks forward to the challenges he and his team have taken upon their shoulders, and how they are planning to get them done. Race 4Change is part of that solution. That means YOU can be part of the solution. All you have to do is join the team and DONATE!

The Decade of Difference invitation tells how, over the past decade, President Clinton’s vision and leadership have provided nearly 4 million people with lifesaving HIV/AIDS treatment, helped turn the tide on childhood obesity, improved the livelihoods of more than 26,000 entrepreneurs, small business owners, and smallholder farmers, and reduced global CO2 emissions by 400 million tons.

The invitation goes on to say that this gathering will honour the 10 years of the William J. Clinton Foundation and President Clinton’s 65th Birthday, and all proceeds from the celebration will support the ongoing work of the Clinton Foundation to improve global health, strengthen economies worldwide, promote healthier childhoods, and protect the environment.

The party is scheduled to run from October 14-16, 2011, in Los Angeles, California. Additional details regarding the concert at the Hollywood Bowl, including the lineup and general ticket sales information, will be announced shortly.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, then visit the Clinton Foundation website and read all about it. But DONATE to Race4Change first!

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