Ingrid Munro: Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Race4Change is not just about cars and rallying. It is more about empowering women and ending poverty. The inspirational Ingrid Munro, head of Jamii Bora in Kenya and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee talks to the R4C blog about her ambitions for Race4Change and the joy of increased collaboration with organisations like Kiva.

My plan is that KIVA, Jamii Bora, Women’s World Banking and the Micro Credit Summit work together in a real Race4Change, in the areas the competition will pass. They pass some of the poorest parts of Kenya.

Some need water projects to get out of poverty. We are already in serious discussion with KIVA to implement water projects and give micro loans to the families to become owners of the water wells. Other areas need small scale business loans. Others again need capacity to store farm produce. If they sell everything when everybody else is selling they earn very little. If they can store the farm produce they can sell all over the year and earn more. The examples are many.

I have met David Kitusa from KIVA: we are working on a plan together. Then we will talk with Sam of Micro Credit Summit Campaign. Along with Steve Funk and Patrick Njiru (seen below), I will try to keep Race4Change supporters regularly informed on what we are up to.

I feel if this becomes a real race for change (wherever you pass, people will see real change) it will be easier to raise funds. The results are real and easy to understand.

The team is a sure winner. Jamii Bora understands how to establish and run projects in these poor areas. KIVA understands how to raise funds from ordinary people, as does Women’s World Banking. WWB and Micro Credit Summit both understand how to involve powerbrokers in the world of finance. Wherever the Race passes, I want people to see real change.

All the best to everyone reading, and thanks for starting and supporting this great race for change, Ingrid Munro.

Incredible Ingrid is supporting the Race4Change and the people of Africa. So should YOU! Donate $5/$10 or whatever you can give from our Paypal page. Two clicks and you are done – and your donation is tax deductible in the USA.


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