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Race4Change microfinance partner,, has just run with a Race4Change guest blog on what we are doing to raise funds for their efforts in East Africa.

Kiva is an interesting system, as it allows the individual to flick through prospects and pick who they want to back with a loan of empowerment (like Kenya’s Dogo Ramadhan, above). This concept is slightly different to how our other partners work, as their local offices will allocate the money, not based on the merit or popularity of your plan, but on your ability to repay it based on underwrites from existing borrowers or your own track record.

Each way has its pros and cons. A good picture of what is planned by a potential borrower (their online pitch) can bring in more cash when appealling directly to potential backers, while favouritism can deny others a share of the pot in a short period of time. If you are Kenyan and want to support Kenyan ambition and entrepreneurship, you can do that by sending money to Kiva via Race4Change. Every cent raised here is shared between the four partners, who to take your offerings to the masses (like Winnie Akyini, below) via their effective financial distribution networks.

You can donate to R4C in a number of ways. Either use your US phone to SMS $5 to us, or pick up the Paypal link, or use our Facebook app. Each takes just a few moments and all are easy for even the least tech-friendly souls.

Are you using or have you used Kiva? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page. I love how all of our partners go about their business, but Kiva is an especially interesting microfinance option for those who enjoy in-depth interaction with their donations after they’ve been made. It would be good to hear what you think.

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