On the Eve of Amazement: Day 8 Roundup & Quotes

The day 8 data is in, and its been a decent day for the Race4Change Safari Rally team. Though it was disappointing to lose car 24 due to a snapped rear torsion bar tube – 24 is the Tanzanite Blue 911 that had carried Travis Pastrana and Fabrizia Pons to such epic heights amongst the fans and within our own team – we had a good day with our other drivers: Björn Waldegård, Steve Funk and Ian Duncan.

After a very tough day’s rallying, we once again have Björn out in front by 25 minutes. It’s great to head into the last day with a lead, but further down the field, Steve Funk had an amazing day’s rallying, as did Ian in the overall rankings.

Funk started 7th on the last stage of the day, ten minutes behind de Mévius. At the end of the stage, he was 6th overall, one place ahead of Race4Change team mate Ian Duncan. Gregoire had suffered a problem with a broken wheel and spreadeagled steering, which led to getting stuck in a mud hole on the stage. Funk took a chance and drove through the bush, around Gregoire and the mud: it paid off.

Here’s some team quotes via the East African Safari Rally press office.

1   Ian Duncan / Amaar Slatch (Ford Capri)
“It was just a stupid little mud hole in the last section. We went past Gregoire (de Mevius) who had ripped off a wheel and got stuck sideways. The other sections were rough and horrible – I’m looking forward to a rest at the coast.”

4   Bjorn Waldegård / Mathias Waldegård (Porsche 911)
“Today was very good. I went to fast in the first section – I know the section and I like it and I also like a small attack in the morning but I went too fast. We hit a drift hard at one point. In the second section we got a front puncture. I had hoped to do the whole rally without a puncture but that’s not possible on the Safari. In the last section we drove through the mudhole – it was about 50 m long and I thought this would be a close one. Tomorrow is another Safari day and I’ll drive it like one.”

14   Steven Funk / Andrew Doig (Porsche 911)
“We had a wonderful run and the car held together all day. It was even nice to me when I started to beat her up a bit. On the last section we gambled and went through the bush to avoid the mud hole.”

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