Race4Change & a Pair of Presidents

Here’s an email I just sent to our Race4Change supporters mailing list. If you want to go on the list, send your email address to us at info@Race4Change.org!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) sees the official unveiling of our inspirational video: Race4Change: A Rally of Thanksgiving. Shot and directed by our own Funk Factory Films, this short feature will take the stage during a session entitled “Sports as a Tool for Social Good” at the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York.

The panel for this session includes the Rt Hon. Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Our session follows one chaired by President Barack Obama. I kid you not!

Thanks to its exciting subject matter in this pre-Olympic year, the R4C presentation session is sure to be a big hit in person, and via the simultaneous Clinton Global webcast.

We invite all of you to join with us in watching the video, and witnessing its effect on a hugely influential audience. Race4Change will tweet live from the session and while following the web broadcast, and we encourage all of you, our great supporters and friends, to raise the Race4Change groundswell via any means you can.

Please support our efforts by emailing heads-up NOW to your family and friends, and encouraging all to spread the links below on their favourite social media websites. Raise consciousness and drive motivated energy to the www.Race4Change.org website, where we can harness some of this shared passion for empowerment.

We all know how much enthusiasm is within the Race4Change. It’s finally time to get this Rally of Empowerment into top gear, and do our best for all who see us as the wheels to a better life. By changing their lives for the better, we make our own lives better: many times over.

Kind thoughts to all for your continued warm-hearted support. We hope tomorrow will be the first of many amazing days in the history of our movement, and in the future memories of our sponsors and supporters!

Link to the Clinton Global webcast, which will run from 15:45 to 17:00 EST tomorrow (Wednesday). EST is 5 hours behind GMT. http://bit.ly/CGIch2

R4C contact details at CGI: http://www.race4change.org/blog/clinton-global-race4change-contact-details

Links to our Twitter and Facebook feeds: http://www.race4change.org/blog/race4change-video-show-from-cgi-2011

Finally, remember you can donate anytime to Race4Change and our wonderful partners by visiting www.race4change.org/donate. It takes just a few seconds and is tax deductible in the USA!

Also remember that no donations go towards rallying. Funk Family, Tuthill Porsche, Ogilvy Africa, Barclays, BugBam, Wasserman Media and the Sager Family Foundation are just some of the names helping to underwrite the cost of this effort. We sincerely appreciate all of you for being in on the ground floor with us, and hope to return your Race4Change faith, with interest.

About John Glynn

John Glynn is the owner of Ferdinand Porsche Magazine and resident Race4Change media expert & blogger. John owns five classic Porsche cars and knows the Porsche scene inside out. Check out his articles on the Ferdinand Porsche Blog at www.ferdinandmagazine.com.
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