Race4Change Pastrana made of Tough Stuff

Race4change supporter Travis Pastrana suffered agony at the X-Games last weekend, when his second attempt at the Best Trick Moto-X event ended in a crash landing and a broken leg. As the first event in ESPN’s Pastranathon, it was not good news.

Our man is made of sterner stuff than most, so it was back to the drawing board in the #199 motorhome with friends like Dave Mirra, Todd Richards and Bucky Lasek in search of a solution. Eventually, the diehard competitor’s team came up with the goods: hand controls for the Subaru Impreza Travis was scheduled to drive in the X-Games RallyCross event.

The team built the controls in under 12 hours, and Travis then had two days to learn how to drive the car with them. That alone is impressive enough, but when you think he did all this with a broken leg battering around the cabin, it really was a superhuman effort.

“I can feel all the bones in my ankle moving around every time I breathe,” said Travis. “I’m trying to go without painkillers, so I can do this safely. You only live once, right?!” Well said, and well driven. The Los Angeles Police Academy opened its grounds to Pastrana to allow him some seat time, and practice made perfect: Travis won a chaotic heat, securing his place in the final.

In the big event, with just a few corners left to go, the third-running Boost Mobile Subaru understeered into a wall while attempting to snatch second place, putting paid to Pastrana’s bronze medal. So close and yet so far!

Lest anyone think this potential medal was people being nice to old hopalong, the fourth place man was two-time WRC champion, Marcus Gronholm. No way was he holding anything back. The final result was Deegan from Foust from Gronholm, but that result doesn’t tell the whole story. For us the winner was not on the podium, he was sitting in a Subaru, learning from his mistakes.

Awesome, awesome, totally AWESOME.

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John Glynn is the owner of Ferdinand Porsche Magazine and resident Race4Change media expert & blogger. John owns five classic Porsche cars and knows the Porsche scene inside out. Check out his articles on the Ferdinand Porsche Blog at www.ferdinandmagazine.com.
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