The Benefits of Charity

Seth Godin is a bestselling writer, successful marketer and (I believe) emerging philosopher. Seth’s tremendous blog recently asked the question: how do you sell charity? The post gets to the nitty gritty of seeing benefits in donating, and not.

Seth says we behave well because of the personal benefits it brings. “We pick up litter when no one is looking because telling ourselves a story about being a good person is worth the effort.”

Seth believes that charity is a bargain, and I agree completely. “For the time and money it costs, the benefits exceed what could be attained in almost any other way. A bargain compared to chocolate, or an amusement park visit or buying a shiny new car you probably don’t need.” This is true for most of us, and you can get that reward in just a few clicks by donating to Race4Change.

There is also a payoff in society’s regard for charitable donors and foundations. I watched a show with Denis Leary last night: one of my favourite writers and comedians. Denis markets himself with typical Irish humility: Actor. Comedian. Five time Emmy Award loser. Denis’ stuff is not for everyone, mainly because some folks fail to see past the colourful language (language snobbery makes me mad!), but did you know Denis Leary’s fireman foundation has raised over $11 million to date? Now how do you feel about the guy? You can donate to The Leary Firefighters Foundation here.

Feelgood is how some see the benefits of giving, but what if you’re someone who doesn’t see the point? If you don’t give to charity because you don’t see how your one drop in the ocean can make a difference, or you don’t feel that donating for a chance to win team shirts is up your alley, then look at it this way.

The cost of joining our team is the change in your pocket. That is why we say: your change is their change.

A donation makes you part of what we’re doing. We’re not racing for big corporations, world championships or any kind of glorified ego massage. We’re racing for the fun of feeling alive, and knowing that we went out there and did something.

I believe Race4Change is the coolest racing team in the world at the minute. We’re putting so much on the line and maybe it will pay off, maybe it won’t but, in a life lasting just a splash in the ocean of all time, WE ARE DOING SOMETHING and trying to change the world. Whether you are into racing, rallying, bikes, cars, boats, snakes, spiders, swimming, art, brickwork, snowboards, skateboards, sewing, zoolology – ANYTHING! – you need to be in this group.

Being part of Race4Change – the Race for Change in how the world’s poorest people view and live their lives – will cost you almost nothing! $5, $10: whatever you’ve got! Buying in and being part of it costs pennies compared to what you’ll get out of it. Wait until Pastrana is jumping classic Porsches 20 feet in the air and imagine thinking “hey, I am part of this fantastic team!” Can you get with that? I know you can!

DONATE HERE! Tax deductible and takes ten seconds. Take charge of your place on the planet.

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John Glynn is the owner of Ferdinand Porsche Magazine and resident Race4Change media expert & blogger. John owns five classic Porsche cars and knows the Porsche scene inside out. Check out his articles on the Ferdinand Porsche Blog at
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