Travis in the House! Pastrana and Pons kick off in Kenya

Race4Change uberhero, Travis Pastrana, has arrived in Kenya! Until you start seeing that things as cool as this are actually happening, it’s hard to believe they ever will, but we’ve just had a pic back to prove it’s true.

Here’s Travis looking ready to rock alongside his co-driver, the great Fabrizia Pons. The newly-formed Pastrana and Pons Show will kick off this weekend, when the rally gets started in Mombasa.

The duo will be driving the number 24 Tanzanite Blue 911, which has just finished its shakedown with team Tuthill Porsche in fine form. Here’s hoping that Fabrizia’s experience and Travis’ performance readiness will prove to be a strong combination over the ruts and rocks of the Kenyan bush country.

Travis and Fabrizia are supporting Race4Change out of a desire to compete and to support our cause. Neither is earning fortunes or fulfilling commercial sponsorship/Red Bull agreements, as has been suggested on a few sites. They are here because they want to make a difference in the lives of the women of Africa.

So should you! I know lots of my Porsche brothers and sisters have already put their hands in their pocket and sent us their change via Paypal, Facebook or SMS in the USA, but we will take everything you can afford to give! Send us a gift and share our message: get the world behind this cracking cause, which can give poverty a serious kick in the butt if we all really push to empower these amazing women.

Why wait? Do it now! We start racing in less than 24 hours! Go Race4Change! SMS donate below from the USA!

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John Glynn is the owner of Ferdinand Porsche Magazine and resident Race4Change media expert & blogger. John owns five classic Porsche cars and knows the Porsche scene inside out. Check out his articles on the Ferdinand Porsche Blog at
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