Travis Pastrana’s Red Bull X-Games RallyCross Final Video

I’m posting this X Games video as a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post on Travis Pastrana, Leg Gate and the RallyCross event, where TP crashed out of the final while running in third position. It’s powerful stuff: particularly where Travis’ leg can be seen breaking loose of the duct tape holding it to the chassis and rattling against the firewall good and proper. AAAAGH!

After yesterday’s post, I had an email from a World Rally Championship friend of mine: someone who’s worked with third place RallyCross finalist Marcus Gronholm on a number of rallies.

He recalled a conversation with the former WRC Champion about MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi, where Marcus agreed that in RallyCross, Super Special stage or Race of Champions, someone quick like Valentino could give a good rally river a hard time. The compact Super Special courses allow for understanding of line and pace that a full rally stage does not, making it easier for talented sportspeople with driving talent to establish a rhythm and set a fast time.

“On a staged event (like RallyCross), sure Valentino or someone like that can give me a problem,” Marcus is alleged to have said, “but on a rally, there is no problem. RallyCross is not rallying.”

The reaction to a sustained application of pressure over a three- or four-day rally is what sets the greatest rally champions apart. This is one reason why talented celebrity drivers tend to fade over a full rally distance, as those accustomed to the long bouts of extreme concentration behind the wheel of a flat-out rally car come into their own.

Travis has of course done longer rallies, including the McRae Stages Rally in 2008, in memory of X Games competitor and friend Colin McRae, and knows how it goes. Can’t wait to see how he fares against big names like Bjorn and Stig Blomqvist on the East African Safari Rally this year.

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