Where’s the Funk? At the 2011 Microcredit Summit in Spain

Update from team leader Funk on what’s going on. He loves writing in the third person!

Funk’s on his way to Africa.  The cars are being unpacked and tested while he is route – stopping in Valladolid, Spain to speak at the 2011 Global Microcredit Summit.  He has donated a booth to the youth of microfinance: MFI Connect.  He will moderate one panel on which Race4Change microfinance celebrity driver , Mary Ellen Iskenderian (below) of Women’s World Banking, will serve as a panellist, entitled: “Where has the Money Gone?”

We’ve got some nice blogs coming up on the amazing Mary Ellen in the next few days. This session with Funk and M-E will be a very lively discussion of the dramatic capital growth in microfinance the last several years, only to be followed by an equally dramatic retreat during the harsh economic times and political disruptions in Central Asia and the Middle East recently.

Poverty is a big problem: half the world’s population lives with it.  It is a problem that creates tensions.  Simply, if you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.  Conflict is bred in poverty, peace is created in prosperity, and to many, prosperity is but the change in your pocket today away.

We need you behind our efforts to mobilise support for our four world class women’s empowerment and microfinance partners. Watch us daily as we race through this life and a now a rally called the East African Safari Classic, to bring attention and capital to support a more peaceful world.


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John Glynn is the owner of Ferdinand Porsche Magazine and resident Race4Change media expert & blogger. John owns five classic Porsche cars and knows the Porsche scene inside out. Check out his articles on the Ferdinand Porsche Blog at www.ferdinandmagazine.com.
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2 Responses to Where’s the Funk? At the 2011 Microcredit Summit in Spain

  1. Eliot Daley says:

    If the Funk has assembled a driving team half as good as the team he fielded at the Microcredit Summit, the race is in the bag!

  2. Mary d says:

    Enjoy your comments and travels!
    Our group would like to help, perhaps even lend some additional publicity and fundraising potential! Please email me how to reach you to discuss…

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