Where’s the Funk? Hanging with Ian Duncan: Kenyan Rally Champion

Great post by Funk, sent from his Kenyan decompression tank after a tough ten days on the Safari Rally:

Just finishing 36 hours of a decompression in the hills north of Nairobi at a friend’s home and reserve.  We invited Ian Duncan (below) and the Tuthills to join us.  We’ve had a wonderful time and, I have to say, Ian Duncan is somewhat the Kenyan version of Travis Pastrana in kindness and humility.  He has a wonderful sense of humor, knows where he is going, and has a view of how he is going to get there.

I’ve always said, if you can see it, you can be it – and both he and Pastrana have the ability to see and be.  We are going to promote Ian coming to North America as the record holding 6 time Kenyan National Rally Champion to do some event with TP in the coming year.

We’ve had a wonderful time listening and learning to and from Francis and Richard Tuthill and Ian Duncan.  And, great laughs about the little trash talk banter he and I had on the final day.

Ian and I both had a mechanical problem that cost us some serious time during the race.  Me, a broken torsion bar (the Tuthill’s will now forge their own torsion bars given 3 failures on 9 cars this race), and Ian a rear axle problem.  Thus, we found ourselves, still admirably in 8th and 9th place respectively.

Ian told me to polish me mirrors and came up in the holding area and bumped me from behind (starting right behind me).  I told him that he might be able to convince me to sponsor him in his upcoming events (meaning don’t pass me).  He told me it wasn’t needed and we were “on” for a run.

Ian was 11 minutes behind me with over 200 km of competitive section to go on the final day.  He could easily make up that time with good runs.  I was hoping to hold him off and hold my 8th place position.

In the first section, I ran second overall, he third.  In the long second section, which was the game maker, I ran 1st overall.  Each day I had become better by watching and learning from these guys as I became more understanding of the car and the terrain.

As Ian pulled up, I was wiping my mirrors and telling him I didn’t happen to see him, somehow must have missed him.  The push moved us both to 6th and 7th place respectively overall.  We’ve had the greatest of laughs and a wonderful time hanging out the last couple of days.  He is a gentleman of a competitor, and a competitor he is.


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